Saturday, 31 May 2014

Work is slowly progressing

The 19 class is almost finished, I wired the decoder in and fitted a SMD for the headlight and tested it on the NEMRC club layout and sound came out and not smoke!!! so that's a positive, Although it wasn't running to smooth so I had to take the the side rods off to have a look and one of the wheels wasn't fitted straight. (they where already fitted when I got the kit, or I've accidentally bumped it when handling it I'm thinking the latter!)

I just need to correct that and it will be good to finish off the little detail parts that are left and make a proper enclosure for the decoder.

current progress on the 19 class

Somthing else I've been working on to finish off is a Workshop 5 MHO to go along with my Northern Tablelands Express R-car set, I've had it for no ware near as long as the 19 class but I bumped it up my list of things to do as I need a brake van for my R-cars which are practically finished themselves

I decided on the Workshop 5 MHO over modifying a Powerline one as I prefer the tounge and groove sides over the plywood/masonite sided version, and its almost ready for undercoating!!

Workshop 5 MHO