Saturday, 13 December 2014

Moving to Wordpress

I've decided to shift over to wordpress and will attempt to try and blog more of what ive been up too there!

the new blogs page is


Saturday, 31 May 2014

Work is slowly progressing

The 19 class is almost finished, I wired the decoder in and fitted a SMD for the headlight and tested it on the NEMRC club layout and sound came out and not smoke!!! so that's a positive, Although it wasn't running to smooth so I had to take the the side rods off to have a look and one of the wheels wasn't fitted straight. (they where already fitted when I got the kit, or I've accidentally bumped it when handling it I'm thinking the latter!)

I just need to correct that and it will be good to finish off the little detail parts that are left and make a proper enclosure for the decoder.

current progress on the 19 class

Somthing else I've been working on to finish off is a Workshop 5 MHO to go along with my Northern Tablelands Express R-car set, I've had it for no ware near as long as the 19 class but I bumped it up my list of things to do as I need a brake van for my R-cars which are practically finished themselves

I decided on the Workshop 5 MHO over modifying a Powerline one as I prefer the tounge and groove sides over the plywood/masonite sided version, and its almost ready for undercoating!!

Workshop 5 MHO


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Unfinished projects and having another go at the blog

Decided I would have another go at doing this blog, will see how it go's this time round!
Ive recently moved into a more permanent residence after living in a college for the last 3 years its a welcome change! Finally I have a table that's just dedicated to modelling and it hasn't taken long for all my stuff to clutter it up.

While sorting out my gear and starting on a couple of new kits I decided I'd better go back and finish off a few projects that just didn't get completed (before there are far to many!!!)

The first (still going) I decided to get around to completing is a Ezi Kits Z19 class with a Baldwin tender,
I have fitted all wheel pick ups and the motor is in the boiler so as to fit a decoder and speaker in the tender.
I was talking to Ian Phemister a while back (pretty sure it was the last Armidale convention) about the kits and fitting DCC to them and he was kind enough to give me some info in regards to this.

so after a few late nights all I have to do is fit the piping and hand rails then put a SMD in the head light and it will be ready for the paint shop! Anyway here are a couple of pictures of the progress so far

under frame showing the extra pickups

current progress on the Ezi kits Z19